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May Newsletter
Republican Party of Texas
Legislative Priorities
for the
87th Legislative Session


Last July, delegates to the State Republican Party of Texas voted on eight Legislative Priorities they want to see passed into law this upcoming legislative session. These eight priorities are:


Election Integrity

Require citizenship verification of each voter, and felony penalties for Election Code violations that threaten election integrity.


Religious Freedom

Restore the rights of individuals, organizations, and businesses, to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs by prohibiting local ordinances, state laws, or executive orders that violate those rights.


Children and Gender Modification

Abolish the following practices for minors: intervention to prevent natural progression of puberty; administration of opposite sex hormones; and performance of any type of gender reassignment surgery.


Abolition of Abortion

Abolish abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all preborn children from the moment of fertilization.


Constitutional Carry

Restore legal Texas firearms owners’ rights to carry them openly or concealed without a permit, while maintaining the option of a permit for reciprocity purposes.


Monument Protection

All monuments or markers in our state shall be protected by law from being removed, defaced, destroyed, or otherwise dishonored. In particular, specific protection shall be given to the Alamo Cenotaph which shall not be removed from its current location off the Alamo Battlefield footprint.


School Choice for All

Empower parents and guardians to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education using tax credits or exemptions without government restraint or intrusion.


Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Abolish all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying.


Chairman West, with the vigorous urging of many Texas Republican voters, has also charged us with an additional priority: reigning in executive power. This priority calls on the legislature to curtail the power of the governor to extend the Disaster Act and enable local officials to enact restrictions on individual liberties of Texans....


The current eight legislative priorities have been addressed not only at our Texas Republican State Convention, but also on the last two Republican primary ballots. Here is how the Republican voters have responded statewide to the top three Legislative Priorities:

Election Integrity- 1,953, 946  -- 98.46%

Religious Freedom-1,580,091 – 89.44% (average of 2020 and 2018)

Children and Gender Modification (abolition) –1,869,742 -- 94.65


Almost 2 million people in the state of Texas favor citizenship verification and consequences for those who cheat in our elections. Over 1.5 million people believe that Texas individuals, organizations, and businesses should be able to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs, and that there should be no ordinances, laws, or executive orders that violate their rights. And, when it comes to the physical and mental health of children, again, close to two million people agree that children should not have healthy body parts removed or be given hormones and puberty blockers in an attempt at human experimentation.