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Preston West Republican Women

November General Meeting


Jill Glover

Legislative Priorities Chair, State Republican Executive Committee (SREC)

Olive Garden

4240 Belt Line, Addison


Wednesday, November 17th

6:30 p.m.

$20 at the door

Includes salad, breadsticks, refillable beverage, and choice of entree: Lasagna, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Parm

Separate checks for adult beverages

RSVP by Nov. 10


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Message from the President

2020 was challenging, depressing, unsettling.... there are a bevy of words  to describe a year that included a pandemic, lockdowns, mask mandates  and a highly questionable presidential election. We did our best and yes, we did survive. But now we have arrived at 2021, 2020ʼs older and scarier cousin. Already in the short time since this year began, I have felt fear, exhilaration, doubt and infrequently, peace. That peace came when I took all of the possible outcomes of future days and placed them in the hands

of the Lord. That gave me the courage and motivation to proceed. I know many of you have felt the same varying emotions that I have. It has been good to focus on our goals and our plans to achieve them. I would like PWRW to be a club that works together to further our Republican principles: liberty, limited government, and a firm stand on our Constitutional principles. We are planning a wonderful year of programs for education and service. The Texas Legislature is back at work and so are we! I would like to close with a daily reflection that was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln: Oh let my trembling soul be still, While darkness veils this mortal eye, And wait they wise, thy holy will Wrappʼd yet in tears and mystery; I cannot, Lord, thy purpose see, Yet all is well - since ruled by thee.


In Liberty and Truth, but hold on to the reins! 


Ellen Theilen

Preston West Republican Women Will

  • Promote Conservative Principles

  • Encourage Limited Government

  • Provide Grassroots Voter Education

  • Encourage the Tradition of American Family Values

  • Endorse Candidates Who Support & Defend the Constitution

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light."

~ George Washington

We are the storm
We are the storm

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Joyce Benoit and Marilyn Fruin
Joyce Benoit and Marilyn Fruin

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PWRW 24Feb2021 - Sandy Ammons introducin
PWRW 24Feb2021 - Sandy Ammons introducin

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We are the storm
We are the storm

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